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NP 4413

Fire safety. Fire Extinguishers Maintenance

To improve the levels of quality and responsibility of sector companies which operate in the market, the NP 4413 standard – Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers, defined a set of rules and general and specific requirements for the certification of the fire extinguisher maintenance service, as well as the principles which underpin the contractual obligations of the fire extinguisher maintenance service in the legal environment.

Certification by an independent and credible body in accordance with the NP 4413 standard is a way for the sector’s organizations to demonstrate compliance with applicable legislation in the market.


In addition to the evidence of legal compliance, there are other factors which encourage organizations to proceed towards the implementation and subsequent certification, such as:
  • The importance of ensuring the efficiency of this service given that the extinguisher is a first-intervention piece of equipment;
  • The representation of this activity within the range of activities that make up the fire safety sector;
  • The need to define this operation through a set of well-defined rules as well as the importance of standardizing the methodologies of market activity by organizations that provide fire extinguisher maintenance services.
The main benefits of the implementation and subsequent certification in accordance with this benchmark include:

Helping to inform the market of the company’s commitment to quality and demonstrating that the service is carried out by responsible and efficient professionals using appropriate technical means;

Assessment of service requirements that are important for customer satisfaction;

It represents a marketing tool insofar as it helps to promote the company’s image in the market;

It enables differentiation based on quality with concrete commitments regarding service characteristics and it is recognized by an independent and accredited body.

Certification Area Quality, Occupational Health and Safety
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