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Social Responses

Quality Assessment Models (Nursery, Day Centre, Home Support Service, Temporary Reception Centre, Occupational Activity Centre, Residential Home, Home for Children and Youngsters, ResidentialFacilities for the Elderly)

The provision of Social Responses with high levels of quality is one of the main national objectives. The Portuguese Institute of Social Security, I.P. (ISS), therefore, developed eight Quality Assessment models to allow for the Quality Assessment of services, which are provided by organizations in this sector.

Based on ISO 9001 and on EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) models of excellence, these Evaluation Models are certifiable and voluntarily applied, and they help to promote the quality of Social Responses as a whole.

The Quality Assessment Model is based on a philosophy of continuous quality improvement. Three levels of demand were established regarding the requirements of the Quality Management System (Level C, B and A) which allowed it to be gradually implemented. In this way, the Qualification System of Social Responses provides for the existence of three levels of qualification.


The Social Responses certification service provided by APCER is based on these Models, and there are 8 certifiable Social Responses:
  • Temporary Reception Centre (CAT);
  • Occupational Activity Centre (CAO);
  • Day Centre (CDD);
  • Nursery (CRH);
  • Residential Facilities for the Elderly (ERI);
  • Home for Children and Youngsters (LIJ);
  • Residential Home (LRD);
  • Home Support Service (SAD).


Certification of Social Responses, as well as the Quality Management System Certification by the internationally-recognized benchmark ISO 9001, represent an effective and efficient response to the demands that Third Sector organizations face, assuming that Quality is a social right of their users-customers.

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