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ERSAR Recommendation No. 2/2011 Water for Human Consumption

The Portuguese Regulatory Body for Water and Waste Services (ERSAR), has defined specific criteria for the water for human consumption, and requirements for the management systems of management bodies, with the aim of improving their performance and increasing the quality of the service provided, allowing for increased consumer confidence in the quality of the water that arrives at their homes. The criteria include microbiological, organoleptic, physico-chemical and radiological characteristics of the water product for human consumption, which meet legal requirements, human health protection and consumer expectations.

APCER provides the certification service of the product water for human consumption, pursuant to Recommendation ERSAR nº2/2011, in public water supply systems – upwards or downwards – operating in Portugal, regardless of the type of extraction, treatment, adduction and distribution of water.

The certification of the water for human consumption is valid for 3 years, and follow-up audits are conducted annually. At the end of the certificate’s 3-year validity, a follow-up audit is conducted with equal content to that of the concession audit.

The main benefits of the implementation and subsequent certification in accordance with this standard include:

Validating compliance with legal requirements;

Demonstrating that the product is suitable for the intended purpose;

Increasing the confidence of consumers and customers.

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