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31 Oct 2020

30 years of the IQ network - The International Certification Network - message from José Leitão, CEO of APCER

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IQNet is the world's most credible and trustworthy network of certification bodies and a leader in its field. It currently has 35 partners with more than 400 subsidiaries and branches all over the world, involving more than 40,000 professionals, of which nearly 20,000 are highly certified auditors.  Altogether, IQNet's partners provide more than 200 certification and evaluation services, having issued more than 360,000 certificates around the world.

During these years, IQNet has actively contributed to the credibility and trust of the audit and certification activities, focusing on essential values such as ethics, transparency, fairness, and expertise.

The IQNet network's strategic thinking has always reflected the peculiarities and needs of each period under analysis, as well as the different realities of each of the markets represented by its partners.

It fostered a permanent, creative, and innovative reflection on the organizations' change and improvement processes, always focusing on the interests of society and looking beyond the present, paving the way to a more promising and sustainable future.

APCER, a founding member of IQNet, acknowledges the efforts and expertise of the network and all of its partners, which has greatly benefited many organisations all over the world, making it easier for them to access markets and promoting innovation and differentiation in all sectors of the economy.

Congratulations to IQNet!

José Leitão, CEO of APCER

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Get to know the latest APCER certifications

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