In a competitive and challenging global market, APCER plays a vital role in the success of organizations.


As a result of its reputation for thoroughness, its diverse portfolio and its ongoing investment in innovation and new product development, APCER adds value and contributes to improve the performance of its key partners: its clients.


APCER positions itself as a global business partner, providing certification, audit & inspection and education & training services.

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APCER's Mission is to provide competence and trust to society.
Our Vision is to be recognized as a trustworthy company operating worldwide.

Policy on Impartiality, Independence and Integrity

The Board of Directors and CEO APCER certify that this policy reflects the principles that underpin the management model, as well as the behavior of APCER, reflected in a set of tools set out in the Quality Manual and fall within its Quality Management System.

Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics, serves to reinforce our commitment to providing economic and social value that is sustainable and in harmony with ethical principles.

APCER operates globally, either directly or through partnerships, especially markets like Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Angola, Cape Verde, Chile, China, Middle East and Mozambique.


APCER assumes an international presence both in terms of Products and Certifications, as for Worldide Audit Services to local suppliers.


  • IQNet

  • ISACert


Credibility is ensured by rigorous accreditation processes undertaken by IPAC - Portuguese Institute for Accreditation, CGCRE - General Accreditation Coordination of INMETRO - National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Tecnology and SAAS – Social Accountability Accreditation Services.

To know more about the accreditations, notifications and recognitions of APCER Group, please click here.

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Auditors Pool
Integration in the Stock Auditors APCER is conditioned to applications that correspond to areas of need in our lineup of audits..
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Auditors Recruitment
Due to the growth of the certification of management systems, APCER identified the following needs:
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