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NP 4494

Home-stay and rural-area tourism

The benchmark NP 4494 – Home-stay and rural-area tourism, sets out the requirements for the certification of the service of family-owned enterprises which provide properly licensed home-stay and rural-area tourism services. Rural hotels are not included within the scope of this Standard, and it does not overlap compliance with the national and European legal obligations arising from the performance of activities.


The provision of a service in the fields of home-stay and rural-area tourism includes compliance with a set of service requirements which are associated with the characteristics of this type of tourism offer, and can be grouped as follows:
  • Reception requirements;
  • Infrastructure and equipment requirements;
  • Cleaning and maintenance requirements;
  • Internal and external environment requirements;
  • Management requirements.
The main benefits of the implementation and subsequent certification in accordance with this benchmark include:

Uniformity of the service provided;

Adoption of a code of good practices;

Existence of a complaint handling methodology;

Increased customer confidence;

Image improvement.

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