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NP 4469-1

Social Responsibility Management System

Within the framework of ISO 26000’s development, it was recommended that every country or region set up a response in line with their reality so that organizations could have locally adapted instruments and resources for the definition and implementation of social responsibility, but also so that they could see that their investments in this area were recognised and valued by stakeholders or interested parties. Following this recommendation, the Portuguese standard NP 4469-1 – Social Responsibility Management System was issued.

The standard specifies the requirements for a social responsibility management system which allows the organization to develop and implement a policy and objectives, taking into account the views of stakeholders and interested parties as well as information on aspects of social responsibility. It applies to organizations of all types and sizes and it can adapt to various geographical, cultural and social conditions.

An organization with an implemented and certified social responsibility management system demonstrates that it has a process for managing its Social Responsibility in accordance with internationally accepted principles, that it can integrate the expectations of stakeholders or interested parties, and that it is verifiable by an independent body.

However, the implementation and subsequent certification does not in itself mean that the organization is socially responsible, but rather that there is concern and that its management has mechanisms for potentially becoming increasingly socially responsible.

The main benefits of the implementation and subsequent certification in accordance with this standard include:

Greater credibility and reputation in the market;

Competitive advantages;

Better monitoring of legal compliance;

Increased Productivity;

Better relationship with all stakeholders and interested parties;

Contribution to sustainable development.

Certification Area Social Accountability
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