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UNE 166002:2006

RDI Management System

The UNE 166002 standard contains practical requirements and guidelines for formulating and developing RDI (Research, Development and Innovation) policies, for setting objectives in accordance with each organization’s specific activities, products and services, and for identifying new or emerging technologies, technologies which are not implemented in the sector concerned, and whose incorporation and subsequent transfer will serve as the basis for generating projects, improving products, processes or services, and improving competitiveness.

Implementing this standard into RDI Management helps to define and optimize the innovation management process as well as effectively facilitate the integration of innovation management with the rest of the organization’s management system. It provides guidelines which facilitate the management of RDI activities and, as it is certifiable, contributes to the organization being recognised as an innovative organization in the market.

We must remind that RDI projects are still "products" that will be placed on the market, whether at the request of a customer or as a result of one’s own initiative. As such, there must be concern about both their "form" and "content". Implementing the standard, to a great extent, helps the "product" to achieve its optimum time, cost and resource objectives, with suitable form and content.

The main benefits of the implementation and subsequent certification in accordance with this standard include:

Providing guidelines for effectively organising, managing and systematising RDI activities, and integrating them into the organization management;

Ensuring that activities which are likely to create proprietary technologies and/or patents or useful models are not lost;

Having a recognition process for emerging technologies or new technologies which are not implemented in the sector concerned;

Promoting RDI as a distinguishing factor for competiveness;

Helping to plan, organise and control RDI areas, incorporating indicators for optimising and assessing management;

Ensuring the proper application of tax credits/ funding for RDI activities;

Demonstrating the transparency of RDI activities;

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