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NP EN ISO 16636

Pest Management Services

The ISO 16636 standard was developed to professionalize the pest management sector and protect customers, public health and the environment. It provides clear and current requirements and recommendations and identifies the key skills that are required to deliver a high-quality service and to ensure that risks to human health and potential negative impacts on the environment are minimized.

This standard is intended for providers of professional pest management services and includes the assessment, recommendation and subsequent implementation of inspection procedures and determined procedures.

APCER is recognized by CEPA (Confederation of European Pest Management Associations) as a CEPA Certified® accreditation body CEPA Certified®.


Note: EN 16636 does not apply to the protection of field crops, to routine cleaning or to disinfection services.

The main benefits of the implementation and subsequent certification in accordance with this benchmark include:

Ensuring the necessary skills and expertise to provide the service;

The existence of methodologies that systematically seek to minimize health risks for customers and the wider society;

The existence of methodologies that systematically seek to minimize negative impacts on the environment and on animal welfare.

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