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ISO 21001:2018

Management systems for educational organizations

It is increasingly important for educational organizations to assess the extent to which they meet the requirements to which they are obliged, in order to improve the service provided and meet the requirements of relevant stakeholders.

ISO 21001, published in 2018, is intended to be a common management tool for all organizations that provide educational products and services and that are able to meet the expectations of students, staff and other relevant stakeholders.

It is applicable to any organization, public or private, of any size, which, through a face-to-face, e-learning or hybrid system, supports the development of competences through teaching, learning or research, independently the type, duration or method of delivery.

It can also be applied by educational organizations within larger organizations whose main business is not education, such as vocational training departments. It does not apply, however, to organizations that only develop educational products.

Based on the high level structure of ISO – International Organization for Standardization, ISO 21001 allows for easy integration with other implemented management systems, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, among others.

The main benefits of the implementation and subsequent certification in accordance with this benchmark include:

Stakeholder satisfaction

Stimulus for excellence and innovation

Inclusive and equitable education, promoting social responsibility

Personalized teaching and responsiveness


Commitment to quality management practices, improving the effectiveness of processes

Culture of improvement.

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